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Lynn at Southern Fried French

Oh Belinda, this made me cry! How sweet and how beautifully written. we're so happy you've got unfinished business---we want to see you again! (y'all are a long way from retirement, but we recommend our neighborhood when you do).
Beautiful photo, too, in the mist, so pretty!

Ron Norton

Found the brush while mowing and left it there - for your future use!
We wish you and Mark well and look forward to seeing you on your return.


Belinda, how lovely to read your blog. I am sorry we couldn't be there when you left, but now we have unfinished business as well. We will have to save our goodbyes and good wishes until you come to Burgundy next time. Lovely to read and such pretty photos.

Allison Herron

AAHHWWWW! How sweet. I totally understand how you feel. We do live in a magical place...besides having so many wonderful and diverse friends. We certainly DO expect you all to come back for more of a good thing! We're ready to plan another lunch/dinner/outing whenever. Bises, Ali & Monty


We miss you Belinda, Mark and the girls, it's much too quite upstairs.
Pierre has looked for the brush and put it in a safe place for you when you come back. I've done the same for the girls' bowls and cushions.
Be back soon, we love you you're soooooooo cute.

Belinda Stuetelberg

Wow ! You guys are so great...I miss you even more! We feel so, so lucky to have met you all. Thanks for the good times, laughs and memories that we'll treasure forever (and loving our little dogs!) Can't wait to see you again !


What a lovely blog. You and Mark will surely be back Belinda and I want to say thanks again for the delightful party you threw for us! So beautifully presented.
So don't leave it too long before we can greet you with a welcome bon jour ou bon soir. You've left a little of your heart behind you for sure.


Beliinda,now we truly believe that you miss us as much as we miss you; Just one thing not seen, a few words for Pema from her friends - she does miss them!!!!

belinda stuetelberg

Bonjour, Dear Wendy,
The girls do miss Pema and all of their special friends (especially Nicole, of course.) I asked them where Pema was, just yesterday, and they both perked up their ears and looked around, so I know they are still thinking of her. Did you see the adorable picture of her with her "napkin hat?"


Bonjour Belinda , comment ça va ?
Par ce petit message nous continuons nos rencontres du matin ,sans oublier de dire ,bonjour aux petits chiens

Aujourd'hui je ne trouve pas mon repas venant du 3em étage mais il est dans mon esprit.

A travers l'espace nous sommes réunis

A bientôt Bisous Pierre

Ellen van Thiel

Belinda,I loved your "Beauty of Unfinished Business". It was so expressive and poignant. I went from there through all your posts and pictures. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. I too miss being in Burgundy. I will always leave part of my heart in France and always return to find it. I know you will too.You have been smitten and it will never change. Next time we have a moules-frites party I hope you will be there and not in the States!
Ellen and Rudy

Chris Wager

Hi Belinda,

It was lovely to read your blog and very touching. Life seems so often to be as you describe. We were so sorry to miss your leaving party, but we certainly enjoyed meeting you and exchanging ideas and experiences. I still have a vision of your 'help' kissing your baby feet! We are looking forward to chatting again.


Marja & Gerard Noteboom

Dear Belinda,

Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I t made me realize that Gerard and myself are happily taking care of unfinished business on a daily bases since we moved to France. While doing so we are creating, with great pleasure, even more unfinished business by the end of the day.
We were very happy to learn to know you and Mark ,please come back soon , attending and creating” unfinished business” together is even more fun!
Marja & Gerard

Frank & Marjo

Dear Belinda........

I already knew that you are a great photographer, I know find that you are an equally great writer..... Moved by your words and feelings, we hope to be part of your future adventures asap........
greetings and love,

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